Go to Sleepy Little Baby

Some of my fondest memories as a child are visiting my grandparents.  I remember staying the night at their house almost every weekend.  I would “forget” my pajamas just so I could sleep in my grandpa’s XL t-shirts which fit me like an oversized dress.  My grandma was, and still is, an awesome cook.  She always made a grand breakfast and I remember drinking coffee just because my grandpa did.  Although it was likely milk and sugar with a splash of coffee!  Probably my most favorite part of my visit is when my grandmother would sing me to sleep.  My favorite song she would sing was “Down in the Valley.”

Many parents don’t sing to their children because they think their voice isn’t “good enough.”  Studies have shown that kids don’t care!  There’s a special bond or connection that is made between parent and child.  So if you don’t sing to your child- you should start!  Believe me, they will think you’re amazing.

Before I had my own child, I was excited to sing lullabies to my future children.  As a music teacher I often finished a class by singing a lullaby to my students as a way to calm them down from an active class time.  They would ask for some songs over and over again!  I had a list in my head of my favorites and what I knew I would sing as a mom. I added to the list over the years as I heard new songs that I loved. When I become pregnant I wrote that list down (and sang many songs to my belly!).  Some songs on my list are folk songs, some are pop songs, some are from movies and maybe you’ve heard them.   Maybe you’ll find a new favorite you’ll want to sing to your child.  Here are my absolute favorites:

Click on the song title to view lyrics or a video

Stay Awake (from Mary Poppins)
Goodnight My Angel (written by Billy Joel- I’ve also heard Celine Dion sing it)
You Belong to Me (originally sung by two sister in the 1950s, sung in the movie “The Jerk”)

These last three songs are from the movie Five Pennies.  They can be sung alone, or in any combination together. (I can’t WAIT until my daughter can sing so we can all sing together!)

What’s your favorite lullaby?  Do you have a special memory attached to it?


Jayda said...

Lovely memory...I agree the things that mean the most from when I was little is definitely nothing money bought but the quality time :-)

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Mama Chocolate said...

My dad used to get out his guitar and sing songs to us while we were falling asleep. A lot of them were silly, some he made up, and some were hymns.
My daughter's favorite "lullaby" right now is "Amazing Grace," and at just barely 2, she often tries to sing along.
I'm so glad that I started out singing to my girls, even though I wouldn't sing in front of almost anybody else, I know they love it! :-)

Johanna at Mama Chocolate

vsteggs said...

My mom used to sing Baby Of Mine from Dumbo. I still love that song. I love singing anything and everything to my kids. Sometimes, when we're playing, I will just break out in song. I hear "sing it again mommy" I roll my eyes and say ok, and start it all over again.

ardig said...

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Jenilee said...

I don't have a favorite lullaby, I suppose the one that goes "Go to sleep, go to sleep, go to sleep little baby..." but from what I remember the rest of that song is fairly depressing.

Jenilee from Six in the Nest visiting from the Alexa Hop. :)

K said...

Miss *a* is allllll about Puff the Magic Dragon. I've also started singing her songs that my daddy sang me when I was little. Both of my parents loved to sing, so singing my baby to sleep, no matter her age, was a no brainer. :)

K said...

You know, I had to add something. My baby sister was born my freshman year of high school, and our choir performed "Goodnight My Angel" for the spring concert. I can't begin to count how many times I rocked her to sleep singing that song. Thanks for reminding me. :)

Susan Woods said...

I believe kids respond to you singing to them at a very early age. I began to sing to my son when he was just a newborn. He had brain surgery @ 3 wks and 7 wks of age. I was told he'd be a vegetable after the first surgery as he had hemorrhaged severely. Each night I continued to sing to him - 3 songs. He's 27 now and these 3 songs are sung to him almost every night. He knows what words come next as I sing the songs. At the end of the last song..he will say, 'na nigh', take his blanket and wave with it. I just love him and he loves it when we sing! Oh...I won't tell ya how Billy Ray Cyrus got us through back brace castings and AFO castings...Billy Ray is MY hero b/c he makes everything easier for my son!

Finger Click Saver said...

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Mom Daughter Style said...

how precious.

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Mariah said...

Thanks for the lullaby list. I haven't heard some of these! My little guy gets the Metallica lullaby album a lot because my husband has it on his iPhone. It's actually pretty cool!

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Anonymous said...

Adorable! I love sleepy baby pictures!

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Skye said...

oh these are awesome bedtime ideas! Thanks

Ashley said...

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Melissa said...

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SocialStudiesSoubrette said...

Grandparent memories are the best. Such wonderful sweet memories.

Yours Faithfully said...

I always sing Hush Little Baby to my kids - it is one of our favourites.

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Anonymous said...

What a nice memory!! My Grandparents raised me and I had just the best childhood. Thank you for voting for me in the Athleta contest. I really appreciate it.

Keenly Kristin said...

Very true...heck, I never cared what my voice sounded like!

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Kristin :)

Love You Always & Forever said...

Thanks for the reminder of needing to sing...I love to sing although I am horrid at it LOL! But my baby girl doesn;t mind:)

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lovinangels said...

I sing I'll be by Edwin McCain.

Mama Chocolate said...

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Lexie Lane said...

Awww.... Don't you just love when they sleep?

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mhoward said...

I remember my grandpa snored so loud, me and grandma would sleep in the guest room!
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