Cold Essentials

My baby's been sick today.  She's had a cough for a few days and a yucky runny nose.  She's usually pretty resilient so this is the first time she's had a cold.  She's been cuddling with me and playing off and on all day.  I just thought I'd share some of my favorite products that I put together in a Thirty-One Littles Carry-All Caddy (I love these things!  They are part of November's customer special, and would make a great gift! Contact your Thirty-one consultant or click on my ad to the right to go to my webpage! ---shameless plug)

Here's what's in the caddy: 
Boogie Wipes- I rarely use these, but they are GREAT for crusty, sore noses (believe me, I've tried them out myself!)  They come in great scents too.  The fresh scent is sort of "perfumy" and I prefer the grape or unscented, but the store only had fresh scent.  You can also find them in single travel size packs which are great to throw in the diaper bag!

Nose Frida- I bought this a long time before I ever needed it.  It is best for super snotty noses- especially if your little one can't "blow" yet.  It looks complicated, but it's so easy.  It will sound really gross if I explain it.  You should check out the website yourself!

Saline drops- these don't need much explanation.  The kind I use have xylitol in them, and there are supposed to be many great benefits from xylitol.

My Mama’s Love, Mama Nose Best- I cannot tell you how awesome this stuff is.  It can be used by adults or kids.  It is similar to Vick’s VaboRub , but all-natural and organic ingredients (and a more pleasant scent, I think.  It really helped her sleep last night.  I also use the Complete Skin Ailment Curative from My Mama's Love to rub on A's nose to relieve the soreness. 

We also used a cool mist humidifier last night and steamed up the bathroom before taking a warm bath.  Hopefully with the help of these products, some cuddling and rest, my little girl will feel better soon. What are some of your favorite products or remedies for you or your family when you're sick?


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